As soon as he was 18 Will started to carry an organ donor card. His reason for doing so was simple – why wouldn’t you help someone else to live if the worse happened?

As we know only too well, in January 2016 the worse did happen to Will.

But because he was carrying a donor card 12 people had a chance of a new life.

Of the 12 people that received Will’s organs two of the transplants were unsuccessful. But we do know that a three-year-old is leading a normal life 18 months after receiving part of Will’s liver, and two families have Fathers who no longer rely on dialysis to survive. One lucky man has Will’s heart, giving him the opportunity to see his children grow up, and if he is a cyclist climb like a professional.

Its gives Will’s parents, Liz and Richard, and his family much solace to know that his tragic death has resulted in new lives and opportunities for so many people.

If you do not already carry an organ donor card we ask you to give it serious consideration. After all what have you got to lose?

If you want to understand what a huge impact carrying an organ donor card has on the lives of those who are lucky enough to be a recipient please visit the NHS Organ Donation website. You can find the link here.

We can’t bring Will back but between us we can make sure that the 6000 people who are waiting for a transplant in the UK every day of the year have a new chance of life.

You can register as an organ donor here.